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About Us

Do you want peace of mind in knowing that the safety of your workforce is secure?

You can have peace of mind knowing that the safety of your workforce is secure with Initial Response & Safety.

Initial Response & Safety is an established professional organisation designed to focus on and address the shortfalls in normal operations and procedures that are experienced during industrial shutdown and maintenance periods.

Workplace incidents involving people happen far to often. History and experience shows that many of the people involved in workplace incidents were in fact trying to do the right thing. So why are we still having the number of these incidents? Unfortunately some people don’t really know what the right thing is. Some do not have the skill or experience to set the job up safely in the beginning and some are just intent on taking the short cut.  

How confident would you feel knowing that a dedicated and focused team are providing hands on assistance to your work teams and contractors to make certain they are able to  safely complete their tasks.

Our company consists of professional teams specialising in safety management activities and industrial emergencies.

Initial Response & Safety teams adhere to the highest work ethics and safety standards. This protects us and will protect your work teams from harm.

You can’t rely on knowledge based people alone. Our teams are hands on experienced people who understand the conditions faced on a daily basis and continuing challenges encountered by the worker in ever changing circumstances.

Your policies and procedures combined with our experience and expertise provide the answers and reassurance to get the job done safely, effectively and efficiently.